Thursday, September 10, 2009

Spanking Backward

We recently had another session with our current favourites - the red slapper and the hairbrush. The slapper always makes such a lot of lovely noise, and produces a reasonable sting. Then the hairbrush...

The hairbrush doesn't seem to do it for me. I thought it was supposed to be a fearsome implement, small and hard and capable of quite a sting. But I wasn't feeling much other than dull thuds. I even shifted from elbows and knees to a flatter position on my tummy so my bottom would be more evenly accessible. That helped to some extent, but I started to wonder if I had developed *buns of steel.

I noticed afterward that the brush had made my bottom very red,
but I wondered about the lack of sting. An hour or so later, I asked Ron if he had been holding back.

"Yes," he admitted. "It's pretty heavy. I'm afraid of hurting you."

"Don't be. That's why we use it second, after a warmup, so it doesn't hurt as much."

Later that evening the burn set in, and a day later I could still feel it, so the brush must have done something. I told Ron I was sore so that he could give me a little sympathy and a gentle rub. I got the rub, but no sympathy.

"I beat your ass with a hairbrush. That would account for it."

Since then I've been thinking. Ron always asks if I want the hairbrush first, and I say no. But maybe if he reverses the order, it will make more of an immediate impression on me. Then the slapper on my tenderized bottom might also be ouchier.

Inquiring minds want to know. I feel a scientific experiment coming on.

*No danger of that. I checked, and they're still as wobbly as ever.

From Hermione's Heart


PK said...

Maybe we need a heavier hairbrush. I don't like the sound either but I feel it's all sting and no good lasting effect. I keep looking for an old fashion hairbrush. Everything you can find now it light wood and plastic.


Sara said...

Yeah, the hairbrushes if today are disappointingly made for hair. Now, if you go on Ebay as I did and get an old fashioned ebony hairbrush, make sure it is not a smallish one, I promise you, you will NEVER be under spanked again. Really, really! I find that leather after is disappointing. It's a distinct downgrade after the wood. The more you try different things the better you know what floats your boat!

Meow said...

Be sure to let us know how the experiment goes! Meow

Measha said...

The hairbrush we have is a plastic square brush that is hollow on the bristle end. I prefer it for a warm up since it really doesn't seem to deliver much sting at the time...but I have found it leaves the most lasting warmth after a spanking.

Now...when wielded as an implement of punishment...that man can make anything sting like the dickens! lol

dwcmike said...

Hermione: it's not wobbly, it's swaying, which men love. You will find that a small wooden hairbrush, applied vigorously, will get your attention (float your boat) immediately. It will leave much more on an after burn than any slapper.
Enjoy experimenting, and do let us know.
Next step will be one of those wooden paddles at gift shops in beach towns, "like for the cute little dear, with the bear behind". Just be certain to sand the edges, so that they are rounded. Sharp edges are a definite no no in case of a mis-hit.

Daisychain said...

Hi, Hermione,
Just do me a favour....if it hurts like hell when you do the experiment, write that in code, please? Because Davey needs no encouragement, nor any new ideas.... LOL
Love n hugs, Daisy xxxxxxxxxx

ronnie said...

Sounds like it will be a very good experiment Hermione, look forward to hearing about it.

PK and Sara are right, you need a different type of hairbrush, I've haven't found the right one yet.


Hermione said...

PK - Hmmm, the wrapper did say "Ouchless". Maybe I need to look for another.

Sara - I wanted a Pearson Mason but they're all plastic these days.

Meow - I will definitely keep you posted.

Measha - True, a man can make any implement hurt if he tries hard enough.

Mike - Swaying - I like that! We'll need to put more effort into experimenting.

I will keep looking fora paddle with a clever motto.

Daisy - I could use colours, like "The result was RED".

Ronnie - I think another trip to the implement aisle of the drugstore is in order.


Em said...

The hairbrushes I use on my hair are made of bamboo and too light to be a satisfactory spanking impliment (though I admit that is conjecture as I've never actually used them in that manner). I've yet to come across a hairbrush in a store that seems like if would do well, however I've also yet to meet a bathbrush that wasn't pure evil. Based on those experiences I'd say if you found a hairbrush with some substance it would certainly make you take notice.

Enjoy the experimenting!