Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We've all had days like that

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Is that the kitty straight jacket version or just a nice warm security blanket? :-)

Measha said...

Cute picture. I do love the look in the kittens eyes.

Greenwoman said...

God I just love your humor. *grins*

ronnie said...

LOL Hermione, very good.

Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Hermione, great kitten picture and I know just how that kitty feels sometimes! LOL!

Complicated Kitten, great comment and I laughed when I read it! I think it is a warm blanket from what I can tell but it could be the kitty version of a strait jacket! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I have had several days like that recently- does that mean we are allowed to give up and stay in bed tomorrow?

Cute picture! Thanks for making me smile.

PK said...

It worries me a little that this makes perfect sense to me.


Mina said...

It's amazing how many kitty pictures you can find on the internet. Cute kitties at that.


dwcmike said...

AWWWWW... everyday is to be enjoyed. Mike