Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday FAIL

Today's FAILs are real cartoons from many years ago when spanking was common in comic strips and books. I have called them FAILs because some images involve children being spanked. Nobody thought anything of it at the time, but of course nowadays it is not only frowned upon but even illegal in some countries.

Proceed at your own risk.

From Hermione's Heart


bob said...

Gosh I must be old, I actually remember some of these cartoons and comic strips


Bas said...

Well, that Ferdinand is surely a fail. But the rest looks quite normal to my ancient eyes.

Roz said...

I remember some of these cartoons too. Used to love Tom and Jerry!


Minielle Labraun said...

I have memories of all of these! Yep must be my age...

Anonymous said...

Fun Cartoons.


Aimless Rambling said...

I remember Lil Audrey and Dennis the Menace. They were fun.

Ami Starsong said...

Oh golly I remember them very well! Guess times have changed. Have you got any more? They make me feel quite nostalgic.



Terpsichore said...

I remember watching Tom and Jerry on Saturday mornings...and my kids like to watch it now... :-)

Unknown said...

I don't remember any of these from my childhood, but they are pretty great. The first one was too funny.

maryanne said...

Ugh. I remember some of these. That's gotta be a fail.


Sarah said...

This is going to date me and I'm not that old, but when I was in elementary, spanking was allowed. *gasp* you'd NEVER see that today.
These are great cartoons and comic strips!

Dragon's Rose said...

Not sure why most of these would be fails. Guess my age is showing

Unknown said...

I remember most of them too, but I am NOT "old" I just liked the old cartoons because...well.. I am a spanko. I just didn't KNOW that was why I liked them.. I mean I knew that was why I liked them, but I didn't know that not everyone got such a thrill out of it as I did. ;-)

My Man and I listened to Baby Snookums on road trips last summer... she is like the radio version of Little Lulu and Little Audrey ;-)

Hermione said...

Bob - I do too, and they were plentiful at one time.

Bas - The idea of spanking children is objectionable to some readers.

Roz - So did I. Remember little Tuffy in his diaper?

Minelle - So many of us are from the same generation.

Joey - Thanks!

Sunny - I loved Audrey, Lulu and Nancy.

Ami - I'll see what I can find.

terps - Are they still on? And as violent as before?

Maryanne - For modern readers, yes.

St - It all depends on where you lived.

DR - I like them because they bring back memories (of the comics, that is).

YL - I sure loved them, and pored over any new comic book, searching for someone getting spanked.

I've never heard Baby Snookums. I'll have to investigate.


Erica said...

I remember some of these! Spanking of children gives me the creeps now, but as a kid myself with that blossoming spanko gene, I found these scenes fascinating. I collected comic books as a kid, and whenever I got a new one, the first thing I'd do is flip through to see if there was a spanking in it. (No lie.)

Hermione said...

Erica, I did exactly the same thing, and was quite disappointed if the comic was vanilla that month.


Unknown said...

Lol! Those were fun.

Hermione said...

R&K - Welcome! I'm glad your visit was enjoyable.


Anonymous said...

fun cartoons, and yet I now wonder about them, spanking children... I don't think they show parents spanking children anymore, but I could be wrong!
bottoms up