Sunday, April 14, 2013

You Completed the Caption

Here is how the photo was captioned on, and now here are your captions:

Archedone: What is this thing? Is it used for spanking?


Cathie Cooky: Cut that out, I am not your wife.

Sir Wendel Jones: The Elite Suicide Spanking Squad

Michael: "Rocket in his pocket"

"Ass missile proves a dud"

"The Afghanistan comedy team of Fariad & Farrin, The Two Stooges, perform live (for now) in Kabul for Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai"

Anon: Surplus Missile Used as Spanking Implement

wo Arabs walk into a Missile surplus dump....looking for new ways to discipline their wives, they try spanking on each other with an empty missile.

Do you think my wife will like this?

Kingspan: And you thought a hairbrush delivered a powerful spank!

Minelle: Let me see if this makes a good spanking tool. Nah...not so hot. Much too cumbersome.

Ronnie: He'd found another use for his RPG.

Vfrat25000: You idiot, you stole the secrets to our new rocket from Toys R Us. Toys R Us is NOT an Aerospace Company it’s a TOY STORE, a fricken TOY STORE!

Be afraid…Be very afraid. Iran has successfully developed a nuclear tipped Bullsh*t Detector. They demonstrated the device in the village square in front of a huge crowd.

“My beard itches something fierce, my hat smells like hot road kill and I am having a terrible time picking up woman in these pajamas you make us wear.”
“Infidel…Ill teach you to speak out! Hand me the explosive tipped attitude adjuster!”

The Iranian Secret Police finally solved the mystery of the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa. He was apprehended while trying to unionize the Iranian Auto Workers of Tehran.

Tag, your it!...........Oh crap.It was armed……..Sorry Dude!

I want to play Bob Hope…You get to be Bing Crosby…I want to be Bob Hope….NO way…The guy with the missile wins...I play Bob Hope in our new Iranian production of the Road to World Domination.

Why is that Security Officer whacking that guy with a missile?
He secretly recorded “Oprah & The View” on the Royal TIVO! We must make an example of him. 

A. Lurker: Confirmed Sighting: Taliban Harbour Weapons of mAss Destruction

Cross-Dressing Taliban Female Duly Punished

Taliban Give Whole New Meaning to Expression “Getting Bombed”

Young Lady: The men were much better behaved with the new "spanking policies" in place... somehow being spanked was not considered very manly.

Dr. Ken: "Yes, that was me. You were expecting maybe Mary Poppins?"

Bonnie: "That missile is a real stringer!"

I hope everyone had a good time here today, and that you will join me tomorrow for a very special treat.

From Hermione's Heart

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Bonnie said...

Hi Hermione,

I missed out and I had such a good caption:

"That missile is a real stringer!"

Oh well...