Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday WIN

SPIN Galactic is a chain of ping pong social clubs with locations in New York, Milwaukee, Dubai, Toronto and Los Angeles. It's a place to meet your friends, eat, drink, play a game or two of ping pong, and - dare I say it - enjoy a little spanking.  Take a look at the merchandise available from their online shop.

This item is described in no uncertain terms. "With this clear definition of Spanking, you'll instantly resolve any confusion anyone has about the word, before they can even reach for their phones to google it.

The definition reads: "A number of slaps on the buttocks delivered in rapid succession, as for punishment in a game of ping-pong".

Who doesn't?

This beautiful leaf-patterned paddle case would be very useful for spanking implements.

Then there are the paddles, with such features as a concave Italian composite handle for increased comfort (everyone knows how your spanker's comfort is paramount when you are getting your paddling) and an extra-light blade (for extra stinginess).

The black sandpaper paddle is "Clean, simple, cool" and no doubt very effective, although I suspect it's actually quite hot!

Limited Edition SPiN Galactic Paddle "plays just like the standard paddle, but helps you set yourself

A big thank you to regular reader Tommy for telling me about this very enjoyable club.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Thanks Hermione. I will try to find the club in NYC.


Roz said...

These are awesome Hermione. Thanks for sharing :)


abby said...

These are terrific, thanks for the share.
hugs abby

Kenzie said...

Oh wow, very interesting! Ill have to look it up :)

garyntboy said...

And the current world champion is Shaun Michael Ackme.

ronnie said...

I'd like a pair of those sweat pants.

Thanks Hermione and Tommy.


Aimless Rambling said...

Terriffic, thatnks for the heads up. Definitely a "win"

Terpsichore said...

that's great...thanks for sharing Hugs, Terps

Michael M said...

Definitely worth the membership fee. Like the pants.

Hermione said...

Joey - I hope you enjoy it.

Roz - Pretty amazing for a vanilla club (or maybe not so vanilla).

Abby - My pleasure.

Kenzie - Maybe you can join too.

Gary - Really? I didn't realize you were a ping pong enthusiast.

Ronnie - So would I.

Sunny - You're welcome.

Terps - Glad I could do so.

Michael - I didn't even think to check what it cost to join.


garyntboy said...

Initial the name dear heart.......I might have got you with one. Ha,ha.

Ami Starsong said...

I thought the kitchen was a scary place until now! It had never occurred to me that what lurks in the garage, ie a table-tennis table and lots of table-tennis paddles, could cause heart-racing and rapid breathing to set in!



smuccatelli said...

Interesting. I like the "ad" campaign as it were and the t-shirt and pants. I wouldn't wear them in public of course... ;-)

It occured to me though, that the "sandpaper" surface, or even the typical nubby rubber surface might present a problem if actually using it to spank, especially on a bared bottom.

Anonymous said...

I like the pants best :-)

Unknown said...

LOL. I think Bucko would see those pants as an opportunity for target practice. :D

Hermione said...

Gary - Oh, now I see! SM Ackme. You clever boy! That was very naughty of you.

Ami - Ooh, my heart is racing too, when you describe it like that.

Smuccatelli - We have a sandpaper-covered paddle, and so far it hasn't done any damage, but I guess it depends on how hard and how long it is used.

Tiffany - I prefer the shirt, but would never dare wear it. The pants, maybe.

TL Bucko - He'd hit the bull's eye for sure:)


Anonymous said...

What a great tee-shirt... makes it worthwhile to play table tennis and LOSE!!! What a win win situation
bottoms up

Unknown said...

Wow - the club is about 10 blocks from where I live. The downside is membership is $650 per year. Judging from what I saw the T-shirts were more exciting than the club.