Monday, April 8, 2013

You Completed the Caption

Oh oh! Someone's in trouble. Here's what you said:

Archedone: I asked you both to clean the house and instead you just sat and did nothing. I'll teach you to do as you are told, now both of you bare your bottoms and bend over with your hands on the sofa, you are both getting spanked with the belt, and when I'm done you will clean the house or get more spanking.

Billy: "And no rubbing," she scolded at her charges who now stood red-bottomed in opposite corners. She thought to herself how much better her hairbrush worked than singing songs now that they had become rebellious teenagers. "Spoonful of sugar, my arse," she thought.

Del Fonte: Remember my bag? There's not just a hat stand in my bag, there are lots of other things too...

Tim: Super Nanny Spanks Delicious if children are atrocious!

SirQs mlb: When will she learn? OK, over the bed, just seven of my best with the cane will help the lesson be learned. The spoonful of sugar is for the wee laddies.

Anon: "The Look" said it all, I stood there bare from the waist down, crying and rubbing.

Banjo: "In this case, young man, I think a taste of leather - not sugar - is the best medicine for YOU!"

R&K: A spoon full of sugar, I don't think so.....a mouthful of soap and a severe canning, most definitely...

Why is that woman dressed as Mary Poppins?
That’s not a woman, that’s Brian from Alpha Theta Delta Fraternity. Its Pledge week!
Oh…OK…You know he does make into a nice looking lady and that Mary Poppins costume is real kinky... I wonder if he has plans for Saturday night?

Oh wow! What a night! Why am I dressed up as Mary Poppins?
(A Friend….Well it sorted started like this….)
Ohhhhh Myyyyyy…..That is AWESOME!

Does this extremely tight, hot, itchy, woolen children’s fairy tale outfit make my butt look fat?

Dad, why is Mom dressed as Mary Poppins and for that matter why are you dressed as Captain Hook?
Oh hi kids. I thought you guys were going to be at Grandma’s house all afternoon!


Mary don’t get your bloomers in a bunch or we might add a spanking scene to this movie! Well throw out the sugar and use that spoon for whole other purpose!

Joey: "Joey, Joey! I see what you are doing! I cannot believe how naughty you are reading all those spanking blogs with photos of females with their knickers around their feet. Bend over your desk and drop your pants right now! And, your knickers. I want your bottom to match the color of your face, a bright red."

Loki Darksong: "Well! I see that this will require more than a spoonful of a sugar. And an entirely different kind of medicine!"

Six of the best: "Nanny," said the master of the household, "I expected you to behave like an adult. But you acted like a spoiled child. So you will be treated like one. Namely you will now be corporally chastised like one. On your bare bottom. Do you understand?"

Kim B: with a spoonful of sugar to help the paddling go on paddling go on paddling go on in the most delightful way!

Young Lady: After "crossing the pond" Mary realized that while English children responded better to "A spoonful of sugar". American brats needed a taste of something completely different to make the "attitudes go down".

Ricky: This Nanny stuff is for the birds. I wanna be naughty too!

Sir Wendel Jones: Now, spankings for all.

Hmmph. Nanny McPhee hasn’t got anything on me.
I can whip your bottom without spilling my tea.

GaryNTboy: Practically perfect in every way? I don't think so Miss Poppins, I must show you the practice of spanking, now come here and bend over my knee.

Tiffany: Oh you are in so much trouble!

Ronnie: "No you wont be having a spoonful of sugar - now bend and drop those trousers Michael."

Mary would make sure Bert's bottom was as red as his nose.

Simon: Telling Nanny to go fly a kite was only ever going to have one outcome.
Terri: This time, Mary decided, it was Mr Banks who was due for a taste of her unique ways of changing attitudes and behaviours...until she saw just how effective switching the spoonful of sugar for a wooden spoon was. Mrs Banks was promptly taught how to cut and clean a switch and fashion a governess birch, amongst other tricks of the trade. And Mary made a mental note to keep those tricks in reserve for if Jane and Michael became particularly uncontrollable... but for now, she would stick to her normal regime with them.

Hermione: From the look on Nanny's face, Bert knew that he had sung "Chim Chim, Che-ree" one too many times.

That was enlightening! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Have a safe, sane and consensual week, everyone!

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

See this "LOOK" remember it, your bare bottom is going to help you remeember.

ronnie said...

People are so clever with their captions. Enjoyed reading them.

Thanks Hermione.


Unknown said...

Delightful job all around!! And I must say Anonymous is getting more and more insightful... (only not :-p)

Kenzie said...

lol very nice captions .. some cute original ideas. :)

Hermione said...

This was an amazing bunch of captions, for an amazing Nanny.

Bea said...

Hi Hermione,
Susie suggested tha, as the resident blog guru, I ask you how to post on blogspot when people block name/URL access. I use a gravatar right now.

Hermione said...

Bea, I sent a reply to your hotmail account.