Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Come Spank with Me Again

A few months ago I told you here about a television program that I enjoyed, called Come Dine with Me Canada. In my previous post I conjectured how funny it would be if someone discovered spanking implements in the home of one of the competitors. Well, a recent episode featured an episode absolutely chock full of spanking. Yes, the real thing!

To recap how the show works, five strangers each host a dinner party over five consecutive days, and at the end of each evening the guests rate the party on a scale of one to ten. At the end of the week, the high-scoring competitor wins $1,000.

In each home, a room is set aside to be used for private feedback from the guests. I'll call it "the confessional" - a term used on a similar show called Dinner Party Wars. Individual guests go there to give their honest opinion about the food, the drinks (or lack thereof) and the other guests. During the evening, the camera alternates between the actual dinner party in progress, with frequent comments by the narrator, and the confessional, where guests say what they really think. So you might see a guest take a bite of dessert, say "It's delicious, I love it!" at the table, immediately followed by the same guest saying "I hated it" in the confessional.

 Now on to the spanking episode in Season Three, Episode Two. The host for the evening is Danielle, who is young, friendly, and very casual in her approach to the challenge. She forgets to supply napkins at the table and, when a guest complains, she produces folded paper towels. The guests are Colleen, a fifty-something woman with an irritating laugh; Sandra, a homemaker who devotes most of her time to her makeup and wardrobe; Fraser, a congenial financier, and Tim, a math nerd and food snob.

Left to right: Colleen, Sandra, Danielle with the spoons, Tim and Fraser.

While Danielle prepares the appetizer, the four guests explore her home. In her bedroom they discover a messy closet, piles of shoes, and a mysterious pair of spoons.

COLLEEN: "I don't know what he heck these are."
FRASER: "Maybe these are giant chopsticks."
SANDRA: "I think they're for spanking." Sandra procedes to spank Colleen with one spoon, while Colleen spanks herself with the other.
SANDRA: "I think she likes that."
NARRATOR: "Whatever gave you that idea?"
COLLEEN: "Spank me again! Spank me more!" Sandra glady obliges.
TIM (in the confessional): "It's clearly something she's into."

At the table, as they sample Danielle's scallops appetizer, Fraser mentioned the footwear they found, and Danielle explains that she was a stepdancer for several years. Sandra now feels the time is right to bring up the subject of their other discovery.
SANDRA: "What were those sticks? We found some sticks. I thought they were for spanking so I spanked Colleen."

It turns out that Danielle isn't kinky after all. The sticks are wooden spoons used as traditional musical instruments.

Later, Danielle does a little impromptu dancing at the table, and encourages her guest to join in and "bust a move". Sandra and Tim comply, then Fraser stands up and starts to move.
COLLEEN: "You want me to spank you?"
NARRATOR: "We all do."

Colleen does so, and as the two of them gyrate together, she slaps Fraser's butt with one hand while she spanks her own with the other, amid whoops of joy.
SANDRA (in the confessional): "Colleen, she likes to do the spanking."
NARRATOR: "We noticed."
There are more closeups of Colleen's butt as she spanks herself.

I would have given this evening a ten for the entertainment alone, but Danielle's guests weren't so kind, and her score was mediocre.

From Hermione's Heart


kiwigirliegirl said...

We have that show here. The uk one. They did find a spanking paddle in one episode. Can't remember if it was wood or leather (the latter I think) it was quite funny

Roz said...

This is so funny Hermione, I remember you earlier post.

I usually hate reality TV but maybe I should start watching! I think we know who the spanko in the group was LoL


abby said...

What a fun show!!! Not a big fan of reality TV, but this show would be worth a watch. Thanks.
hugs abby

Hermione said...

Kiwi - I like the UK version but haven't seen if for years.

Roz - I only watch food-related reality shows, and this is one of the best.

Abby - It's very entertaining.


Aimless Rambling said...

Sounds like it was a hoot. 'musical instruments" huh, who knew wooden spoons had so many uses.

ronnie said...

I don't like reality TV but Come Dine with Me I do watch. I've never seen any episode anything to do with spanking though.


Anonymous said...

This show must have really perked your interest. funny
bottoms up

Ami Starsong said...

It does make you worry about what someone may find in your wardrobe doesn't it? Or in your chest of drawers? It makes me want to move our collection somewhere safe after hearing about this. LOL!



Anonymous said...

Very funny Hermione. I have not seen the show in the US.


Cat said...

Wooden spoons = musical instruments? Oh of course...and I have some lovely ocean front property in Arizona they can buy. LOL

Thanks for sharing.


Minielle Labraun said...

Sometimes when I catch a reality show where there is outrageous behavior, I am amazed there isn't spanking!
I would have loved to see that episode!

Kenzie said...

Havent ever seen the show, but it sounds fun! Interesting to hear about all the spanking convo from it!

garyntboy said...

Colleen,Colleen,Colleen,Colleeeeen.Please don't spank me just because you can.

Katie said...

LOL Hemione! :)
I've never heard of that show around here, but may have to check it out! Funny about the spanking. Does make you think about where you have implements stored. Right now if you walked on our room you would see a wooden spoon on Robs bureau, under some papers, and if you opened his bedside table drawer you'd find a silicone frosting spreader/spatula kind of thing, and a leather paddle. I wonder if any of our kids have been nosy and what they think... If friends or relatives were ever nosy- UGH! We'd better move these! LOL! Hugs!

<3 Katie

Hermione said...

Sunny - Indeed, who knew?

Ronnie - I loved the UK version. It was even funnier than ours.

Red - It sure did:)

Ami - If I had four strangers in my house and knew they would go exploring, I'd hide everything in the shed.

Joey - I wonder why they don't have a US version on the Food Network.

Cat - No, really! You can play them. Honest!

Minelle - I suspect they might edit out the spanking on some shows. It's gotta happen more often!

Kenzie - I was enthralled:)

Gary - Do you think he liked it too?

Katie - Your kids probably have snooped but didn't know what to make of the items.