Thursday, April 11, 2013

Say what?

 Our spankings are always for fun, although at times I wonder exactly who is enjoying it more. Sure I like being spanked by the man I love, but do you want to know something? It hurts. I have been known to loudly protest when my bottom is being subjected to torment, and Ron is invariably quite unsympathetic. I'll let you eavesdrop on a few recent exchanges and you'll see what I mean.

H: It hurts!
R: I'm whacking you; that's why it hurts.

H: Ouch!
R: It's supposed to hurt. Isn't that the idea?

H: (While he was using the shoehorn on the crease where my thighs end and backside begins) Ooh! You've found my Achilles' heel.
R: That's not what it looks like from here.
H: I hate to think what it looks like.

R: It's wood day!
H: Ow!

H: (As the big wooden paddle is applied) Ow, that hurts!
R: Ha ha! Is that a good hurt?
H: No, not yet.

H: Ow.
R: What?
H: OW.
R: Eh?
H: OW!
R: Oh.

R: It's leather day!
H: Ow!

H: Ow.
R: When you're getting whacked, "ow" is good.

From Hermione's Heart


kiwigirliegirl said...

it's like they dont recognise the word "ow" isnt it lol...

Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing. I think many tops have never been spanked so they do not know how it feels.

I say ouch and "that stings" because I want them to know it hurts. I do not want them to take silence to mean I am not feeling the pain.

Love the dialogue.


Roz said...

This was fun to read Hermione, and a little familiar :)

I think the last exchange says it all from Ron's point of view maybe LoL


SirQsmlb said...

Of course it hurts. But secretly, aren't you a little glad he doesn't stop?

Thanks for sharing!


Minielle Labraun said...

Sounds familiar!
But when it's all finished...

Hermione said...

Kiwi - They can be pretty dense sometimes.

Joey - I think feedback is a good thing, even if it isn't always appreciated.

Roz - At least he understands:)

SirQsmlb - I'm always glad that he ignores my distress and carries on.

Minelle - Exactly!


ronnie said...

LOL. Very familiar. I saw ow far more than ouch and of course a few other choice words:)

Fun read,


Anonymous said...

it's wood day? Uhm, no thanks here! :)

The wood brush is worse then the leather I think!

Oh - I'm reading comments as well and I like what SirQsmlb says about secretly being glad they haven't stopped.... I think I've had that before *(wink)*

Aimless Rambling said...

I don't like to say ow too much because then he is likely to stop and I don't want that. Such a conundrum.

an English Rose said...

Hi Hermione, I say ow all the time, I'm not too fond of wood day either, sometimes we have multiple days, wood and leather!!
Love Jan.xx

Anonymous said...


Sarah said...

Lol. Nope, Ron is not sympathetic. Or maybe he is and that's why he doesn't stop.

DelFonte said...

Lovely snippets! I'm with sunnygirl, it's difficult to express too many Ow's and yet it's important to give feedback. I sometimes have to say 'Ow! but don't stop yet!'

Erica said...

LOL! Ron sounds like... wait for it... a top. Selective hearing, strange logic and all that. Fun stuff!

Julia said...



Literally LOL. Have you two ever thought of making an audio pod cast of a selection of this type of conversation :)


Daisychain said...

Yes, that all sounds very familiar and reassuring!!! Except, I don't tend to SAY oww... I squeal it in a somewhat high-pitched voice!! xxxx

Kenzie said...

lol, that was fun to read. Seems like "Ow!" is a common one, huh?

ricky said...

Oh, the cad!
How can he be so insensitive!
But it's fun complaining, isn't it?
Ours not to reason why,
Ours but to do and cry!

Hermione said...

Ronnie - We bottoms probably all have a very similar vocabulary.

Emi - Much worse!

Sunnygirl - I used to worry about that too but now I know he takes no notice of my complaints.

Jan - We have both on most occasions.

Tiffany - Thank you.

St - Could be.

DelFonte - Spoken like a true spanko!

Erica - Yes, he has all the earmarks of one. I guess that's why I love him:)

Julia - Thank you.

Prefectdt - I think we would both be inhibited by the presence of a recording device.

Daisy - Oh, you're not alone there. I've been known to make high-pitched sounds from time to time.

Kenzie - I can get a little repetitive when I'm under the hand.

Ricky - Truer words were never spoken.


Anonymous said...

love the dialogue..EH!!!!the point of spankings is that they hurt.. and so much more... Hope spring is finally making it your way...
bottoms up