Sunday, April 28, 2013

You Completed the Caption

This rather sexist photo generated lots of interesting captions.

Simon: Her constant use of the phrase "you dirty rat" had finally driven Jimmy to take steps.

It appeared that her new hair extensions were really as strong as the advertising had implied.

Bob: Come on honey let me help you to bed. 

Prefectdt: She says, "Next time you stroke my hair, make sure you don't have bubble gum in your hand first!"

Ricky: She: No, no, no! Not now!
He: Oh, yes, Yes, YES!
She: Well OK, if you insist.

Minelle: Not the hair! Not the hair! We can play but just don't mess my hair!

Sunnygirl: Come on Harrigan, we're just 45 steps from the bedroom.

Bonnie: "When I said I wanted an old fashioned relationship, I didn't mean prehistoric!"

Michael: "Honey, I know straight hair is all the rage these days, but is this the best way to uncurl your hair."

NOTE - As Simon said in the first comment this is Hollywood legend Jimmy Cagney. The hapless girl he is dragging is Mae Clarke and the film is "Lady Killer" from 1933 which is mostly a comedy despite its title. Mae Clarke is the same actress that Cagney smashed in the face with a grapefruit in the classic 1931 film "The Public Enemy."

Thanks for that information, Michael.

Ronnie: "If you wanted me to come up stairs for my spanking you could have just asked."

Bobbie Jo: He: You are my woman and you will do what I say.
She: I may be your woman, but you are MY man so let go of my freakin' hair or it will be the hairbrush for you!

NOTE - Jimmy Cagney never said, "You dirty rat." I heard him say this on a talk show once. Also, in the scene with the grapefruit, it was his idea and was not in the original script. It was on the spur of the moment, too. They only did one take.

We have several old movie fans here today!

Red: But honey, an on the spot spanking should be done now, exactly where we are!

Kingspan: Her first day as a professional dominatrix was off to a really bad start.

Young Lady: Norma had known there'd be repercussions for wearing pants in her wedding, but she'd hoped he'd be so excited about sex he would let it slide. She was wrong.

Jessie's outfit was so slick the slide across the floor was almost fun, but those stairs were gonna create quite a wallop.

Sir Wendel Jones: You can scream and shout, say all that you want, drag me to the bedroom and spank me till my bottom glows in the dark but I still look FABULOUS in these shoes.

Vfrat25000: "Harry...Harry...Put on your glasses for crying out loud. That's not your wife, its the hotel housekeeper. Your wife is in the bedroom."

The captions submitted so far are fantastic. I only have time for one today.

You are always so generous with your captions; I don't know how you do it. One is perfectly acceptable.

Six of the best: "Come into the parlour said the spider to the fly". This old James Cagney, Mae Clarke movie, begs for a good spanking giving to the naughty lady. And I wish that was the case.

Hermione: Even though the costume party was weeks away, George insisted that he and Wendy rehearse their entrance as the Flintstones.

Thank you, everyone, for the hilarious responses. I learned a lot about Jimmy Cagney too! See you all next week.

From Hermione's Heart

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