Thursday, March 6, 2014

Complete the Caption

When women get together they usually discuss their boyfriends, husbands, children and jobs and other mundane subjects. Sometimes they share gossip and engage in idle speculation. Let's eavesdrop on this little group. What shocking secrets could they be confessing?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and all will be revealed in an upcoming post.
From Hermione's Heart


Aimless Rambling said...

My husband spanked me yesterday and told me I could expect to be spanked anytime I was 'naughty'. What can I do?

ronnie said...

He spanked you? No. You let him, what was it like, did it hurt?

The girls couldn't decided who was first to be spanked at tonight's fest party.


Simon said...

The weekly meeting of the towns cross-dressing society was well under way when Simon realised to his horror theat his new dress didn't fit.

Katie said...

Anyone want to trade husbands? Mine just discovered the joy of spanking and I simply can't seem to behave!

Many hugs,

<3 Katie


Gloria had to admit that Sue was right. Women only strip off in groups like this when either there is no chance that a man could see them or in glossy, full page advertisements.


Anonymous said...

The lady in the red blouse has just stated:" All right ladies, you know the routine, when you do not have the rent money! Strip down to your bra and panties, and then I will lower your panties for the nice wooden hair brush, as your rears are going to be sore and red for being in arrears on your rent. Remember, you better have the money by tomorrow, or my husband will enjoy repeating your spankings.
bottoms up

sixofthebest said...

These naughty ladies told each other how they were spanked. "My bare bum felt the cane" said one. "I tasted a birch rod" said another. "It was the paddle for me" said another. "Over the knee, for a good hand spanking". said the last of the quartet females.

Baxter said...

Well, I think they are bitching about their husbands/boyfriends/fiances.
'Ya know, my husband ticks me off all the time. I am thinking of spanking him.'
'I know what you mean; I spank my boyfriend all the time; almost thinks he likes it.'
'my old man came home drunk again last night and I wailed on him but good with HIS belt.'
'My boyfriend is perfect in every way and I would never spank him.'
the other three say BOOOOOOOOOO

Unknown said...

Lady #1 Do you think our husbands suspect anything?

Lady #2 No, but if they did, mine would tan my hide but good.

Lady #3 They won't find out. How could they..unless one of us tells.

Lady #4 I won't tell. My husband would be furious.....because I didn't take pictures!

Anonymous said...

Then it's settled ladies. All of our husbands have been acting up and deserved to be spanked. We meet here tomorrow with our husbands and take turns spanking each and every one of them.

mrandmrsb said...

And do you know what lesbians do?