Saturday, March 22, 2014

You Completed the Caption

Dressing or undressing? You had some interesting captions for this charming photo:

Autumn: Exhibit 12 of the Museum of Feminine Undergarments: Lucy, thinking "F*** this!" right before tearing off her girdle for the last time, thereby ushering in a new era of undergarment stockings that rose to the waist.

Bogey: Holy moly, we will know she is coming long before she gets in the room.

Sunny Girl: I hope she is going out because I can't imagine sleeping in those garments.

Ronnie: Nearly done, one more deep breath.

Bobbie Jo: She is thinking: They told me at The Garment Emporium that putting these things on was a piece of cake. Now what am I supposed to do with these things? They are way too long. "Wilburt, will you come help me with this contraption? It was your idea in the first place."

Six of the best: What a beautiful sexual and erotic photo. My caption for this one is "Mother Wore Tights. So that Father, could Wank, and then Spank her".

Prefectdt: Verity was determined to get her girl guides knot-tying badge. No matter what it took.

Baxter: Oh my decisions, decisions. Should I take this off or try to wear it when I spank my husband's bottom? Do I put these loopy things over my shoulders and will they restrict my swinging the paddle? He will be home any minute and I have to be ready and have to have a stern look to spank him, but here I am struggling with this new underwear I just bought.

Sir Wendel: John went out for a drink while Mary undressed for her spanking.

Jenny: Good! This contraption will prevent him from spanking when he finds out I scorched his shirt!

Ricky: Notice the chair? Will she be the spanker? Or spankee? Maybe both?
Mmm . . .

DelFonte: By the time she had finished cinching herself, there was no way she would be able to bend over the chair.

The shop insisted their window display mannequins were as realistic as possible.

Vfrat25000: Dorothy knew she had a risky trip down the Yellow Brick Road ahead of her but she thought to herself “Bring it on, you broom riding b*tch!”

Little known fun fact: the original name for Victoria’s Secret was "Twin Peaks Lingerie”. The name was changed after the third model received a serious eye injury.

Billie Jo prepared to address the Harper Valley PTA!

Two lingerie designers were talking one boring afternoon when one asked the other, “I wonder what a bra would look like if we cut off the nose cones of two F16 fighter jets?”

Betty,  there is something really strange going on. Ever since I put this new bra on, I swear I hear an NPR Radio broadcast! Do you hear that?

A tetanus shot protects a person from tetanus, a life jacket protects a person in a boat, and that bra protects a woman from dinner invitations.

Yes Miss Jones, I guarantee this outfit will take off at least 3 minutes from your 10 mile run. Even more if there is a stiff wind!

Dr. Ken: "Um...let's see...'then the rabbit goes through the hole'...."

Hermione: In the early years, Madonna had to struggle on her own, without a dresser, during fast costume changes.

Those were wonderful! Thank you all for such creative captions. Now do stay and have brunch with us.

From Hermione's Heart

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