Saturday, March 1, 2014

You Completed the Caption

This photo produced some awesome captions, and here they are!

Simon: The director had reservations about the stunt performers the agency had provided to double for the two young rising starlets in his film.

Sunny Girl: Glee, springs in shoes, bugs in pants, fright.

King Marshal: I still think we should have shaved and you should have worn the way we're getting spanked!

Welcome, King!

Ronnie: Roger and Martin were always up for a dare.

Es May: If we lose one more bet, we won't be able to live through the embarrassment.

1manview: It's reverse dress up day in school today. The teachers are dressed up as students, I'm dress up as a teacher. I hope their panties are in a bunch when I give them pay back ...

Prefectdt: In early attempts at covertly assessing schools, the undercover Ofsted agents were often discovered very quickly.

Sir Wendel Jones: Focus on your jumps Daniel-san.

Michael: Principal Kobayashi and Vice-Principal Sanderson honored their promise to do the bunny hop down Main Street dressed in the official school uniform if the senior girls at St. Bridgette's Academy achieved their goal of raising $10,000 for Catholic Charities.

Six of the best: Two cross-dressers, dancing to the song "Skip to my lou, Skip to my lou, Poo Poo. My Darling".

Vfrat25000: Have you seen the two new spanking models that ACME Spanking Productions just hired? I don’t know about you but I’m switching to a XXX fingernail polish website.

The CEO of the National Republican Party and Senator Candidate Michaels tried their best to prove they weren’t the stuffed shirts everybody thought they were.
The latest CNN Poll numbers are in: 1% sexy 99% Creepy… Keep trying boys!

Peter and Chuck couldn’t hold their back their excitement after receiving their admission letter accepting them into the West River College for Women Class of 2018. It seems Miss Poindexter of the Admission Committee left her glasses at home on the day of the interview.

Look at those two goofballs jumping around in the street dressed in school girl outfits!
What are you laughing at? Remember when our Dads said they would make themselves well known the first they visited our campus!
Oh Sweet Mary….If anybody asks I left school and joined the peace corp.

Tell me again, which one is really Lady Gaga?

How can anybody embarrass themselves like those two idiots?
I don’t know, the one on the left is kind of hot in that short skirt!
Now that you mention it…No matter what or who you wrap in a school girl outfit it’s sexy.
Anything is better than last Saturday night’s “Inflate-A-Date.”

Hermione:The last minute substitutes for the interscholastic jump rope competition led the team from Miss Cleveland's School for Girls to victory.

ROFLMAO! That's all I can say.

Please stay for brunch, if you can. It's coming up next.

From Hermione's Heart

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Dr. Ken said...

A little late, but how about--

"Hermione's spell on Ginny and Luna went horribly wrong..."