Tuesday, March 4, 2014

From the Top Shelf - Health Hazard

I found a lovely little story by GeorgieC tucked away on my top shelf. For those of you who are fond of schoolgirl naughtiness and the inevitable result, this one is right up your alley. It's an amusing stream of consciousness that takes us right to the heart—or should I say seat?—of the action.

Health Hazard

I've never really noticed the Headmaster's bald patch before. Then again, I've never really been stood behind him. I'm to one side, granted, but still behind him.

He's talking to the whole school now, all sat neatly in their rows, looking bored. Of course they don't know what's coming up. I wish, I really really wish that I didn't know either. But I do.

It's dark back here in the wings of the stage. Mr Ellis seems a bit too close for comfort, stood next to me back here, but to be honest there's little I can do about it.

We were doing Mary Queen of Scots last week in Mr Ellis' History class. I'll bet this was how the Queen felt as she waited her fate. I wonder if she too had wished it could be got over with quickly.

The Headmaster's now going on about the football results. So what? The Under 13s are third in the table. The Under 13s always finish third in the table. Every year I've been at school they've finished third. Next year, even after I've left school and am in University, they'll finish third. This is agony. This isn't news. Get on with it!

Oh God! He's finished that now. Perhaps there are some more sports results to announce. Please let there be more sports results. Tell us about the Under 14 Hockey team. Tell us anything. Oh no! He's got his stern face on now. Even though he's facing the school, I know he has his stern face on.

What's that he's saying. "Serious matter to deal with". Come on, smoking's not THAT serious. It's not like when Johnny Martin set fire to the Science lab. Now that was serious. Although he did get expelled.

"Senior member of the school... smoking... repeatedly warned".

Well, yes, factually so, but...

Oh God! Ellis is giving me a little shove to move forward to the front of the stage. My legs are shaking. Please don't let me trip up. That'd be too much. Ellis is still with me, guarding me, watching me. What do they think I'm going to do, do a runner?

Hell, there's a lot of kids in this school. And they're all looking at me. Some of them have figured out what's going on. The lads mainly. The Sixth Form lads mainly. I can see them sitting up now, taking notice.

Some of the younger kids will never have seen this before. It must be two or three years now. And that was lads. You have to go back about four years for a girl to be up here. Those two that had been bullying First Years. No, most won't know what's going on. But my classmates there at the back of the Hall. They know. They've seen it before. Even from here I can see them smirking. I hope Tony's not smirking. I'll pretend I'm doing this for Tony. Give him a bit of a show. Maybe he'll notice me. Stupid thing to say... of course he'll notice me after this. Can hardly miss me.

What? The Head's saying something to me. Pay attention. My mind's in a whirl. Yes sir, I do remember being warned last time. It was a little while ago, all of three weeks now, but no point in arguing the matter. Just agree. It'll be easier in the long run.

What? Yes sir, I do remember what you said would happen next time. I didn't really expect you to do it though. I wasn't really in the mood to argue it then either. Well, I had just stood up after leaning right over the back of the chair. And believe me, six across the panties didn't half hurt! I was still giving it a rub as I remember. I don't think I'd even had the opportunity to let my skirt flip back down. What was I supposed to say, "No sir, you can't do that"? I think I remember nodding, but it doesn't mean I agreed.

What's happening now? Oh God, here comes Mrs Fraser with the chair. It's looking a bit worn, that chair. I wonder how many kids have had to bend over that over the years. Hundreds and hundreds. Even the younger ones are beginning to realise what's going on. I'll bet they don't realise the whole truth though!

"Yes sir." It's actually a bit of a relief to now be facing the back of the stage. I can pretend that there's no-one behind me. Yes, I know that the whole school are there, but I can pretend. There's no-one looking at me. There's no-one there. Who am I kidding?

Everyone in the whole school is looking. Everyone except Mr Thompson. His face is a picture at the back of the stage actually. He's going to miss the best bit. Serves him right. He's a perv anyway. No other class teacher makes you lift your skirt for the slipper. He only wants to see your knicks! Well, he's got some disappointment today where he's standing.

Where did that come from? I don't remember anyone handing the Headmaster the cane, but he's swishing it now. From the corner of my eye I can see him... oh no, that's too too corny. Holding it in both hands in front of him like that and flexing it. It's like something out of a book. I saw a picture just like that in one of those magazines my dad thinks I don't know about—the ones at the back of the wardrobe.

Oh God! He means it. He 's really going to do it. In front of everyone. Stay calm.

"Yes sir". How high up should I lift it for this? All the way up, I suppose. The Hall's very quiet. All looking at my panties now, no doubt. Well, at least they're spotlessly white today. I made sure of that. I thought it best not to wear a very brief pair today. Not like when Thompson gave me a whacking last week. The boys got a good eyeful then. Not as much as they're going to get today. I wish my knees would stop shaking.

Yes, I thought that'd get a little gasp. Funny phrase really, "pull your pants down". You actually push them down, not pull them. But I doubt if he'd appreciate being told that. Seems odd hearing our Headmaster say the word "pants". Wonder if he says that to his wife? "Right, Mrs Ormerod. I'm ready for a bit. Pull your pants down and get on the bed".

I suppose round my knees will be far enough—if I remember rightly that's what happened all those years ago. I remember that both those girls had rather pale little bums. Well, when they took their knickers down they did. When they pulled them back up they didn't. Wonder what mine'll look like.

"Yes sir". At least this bit I know well. I've had enough practice bending over this damn chair. Right over, grab the legs. Feet together, stick it right up. Gosh, it's chilly though. I mean usually I have my skirt up, but it's amazing how much warmth your knicks give. Mind you, I'm going to be plenty warm in a few minutes. Bet they're all having a good look now. Go on, Tony, you can have a look too. This is for you.

OK, here comes the first one. He's lining it up. Tap-tap-tapping like he does. Yeeow! Ooh, it does hurt more on the bare.

Compose yourself, compose yourself. Here's number two... Yeeowch! Ooh, it's starting to sting now.

He isn't wasting any time...Yeeeowch! Stay down, stay down, it'll only annoy him if I stand up. I'm starting to get a bit numb while stinging at the same time. That doesn't sound right, does it?

Owww, yeeeeoooowwww! Yikes, I think that's four. Only two to go... at least I hope there is. I always assumed he could only give six. Maybe he'll...

Yeeeeoooooowwwwwccchhh! Oh no, for the last two I've had my legs apart. Get the knees together quick. Mind you, they'll all have seen everything by now. Have a good look, Tony, while it's on offer.

Why the pause? He hasn't finished, has he?

Oh no, this is going to be a corker. It must be the last. He's tapping my bum... lining it up. Slowly. Here it comes... OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!

I promised myself I wouldn't cry, but I must have got something in my eye. Oh damn, it hurts bad. Oh it hurts. Oh look, the tears have even dripped onto the seat. Yes, I know my legs are apart, but I don't care, it hurts.

What's that? Stand up? I don't think I can. Pull them back up? Yes sir, thank you sir. I don't really mean that. I'd actually rather leave them off. If I pull them up slowly, and sort of ease them up... and... oh heck, I've been standing here with my skirt up showing everyone my bum still. Don't be daft, it can only have been a couple of seconds. And it's not as though they haven't seen anything.

There, they're up now. Thank goodness I put a bigger pair on. The elastic's digging in bad enough with these. Oh, it's burning down there. I'm sure there's ridges across my backside. Don't feel. Don't touch. I want to stick my hands right down my pants and give a rub, but that wouldn't look too good in front of the whole school, would it?

Yes sir, I've learnt my lesson sir, no sir, I won't be smoking again sir, yes sir, thank you sir, back to my seat... hope I don't actually have to sit down. Down the steps. Down the passageway between the seats. It actually hurts to walk. I never thought that knickers could be so painful, could rub so much. Some of the younger girls are looking a bit pale. You never know, girls, one day...

It's the lads that's the worst. They've all had a good look. They're all grinning, all the lads. God knows what those on the front row saw.

And the teachers. Why's Mr Dawson got his hands crossed in front of him like that? Oh... I know... Never really thought it of him. Didn't think he was like that.

Oh God it's so sore.

Where's Tony? Maybe he could rub it better? Maybe? Should I ask him? Should I?

I don't know about smoking damaging your health. It certainly seriously damages your dignity.

From Hermione's Heart


abby said...

Loved it... I am not sure i could have kept up the whole stream of thought with such a sore bottom.
hugs abby

Baxter said...

enjoyable. thanks for sharing.

ronnie said...


Good choice. Enjoyed it. Thank you.

Imagine having your bottom caned in front of the whole school. I'd have hated that.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Being spanked before a student audience is fairly common in stories. Perhaps this is the first one I have read where there were students of the opposite sex in the audience. I wonder if this all fantasy or it happened with some regularity.

Hermione said...

Abby - I couldn't have done it either.

Baxter - My pleasure :)

Ronnie - I would have been mortified!

Bogey - We'll never know, will we ;D


Enzo said...

Wow, that was a good read.
Very unique point of view told from her point of view.

Anonymous said...

Off-topic, sorry-when that word 'rucked' popped up here previously, I did some spelunking and discovered that 'ruck' is archaic British slang for fold, bend or crease. Of course, I totally forgot about it.


Hermione said...

Enzo - It was quite different, wasn't it?

Mike - I wonder if it's related to rucksack - a folded bag, perhaps?


Anonymous said...

Pup[ils a few years ago got plenty of whackings mostly the slipper I observed it in classes ,best,TIm.

GeorgieC said...

Thanks for the kind comments. Only just found these reposted on here. :)

Hermione said...

GeorgieC - I'm so pleased you left a comment. Your stories are wonderful and I'm glad you found them here.