Monday, March 17, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch for March 16

This week we discussed spanking as an addiction.

Rose: I think it is possible to get addicted to the endorphins. Am I addicted? You will have to ask Dragon that question. I am positive that he is addicted to spanking me.

Turn around bend over: I think I'm addicted to my husbands dominance, spanking included. I can't imagine my life without it. It consumes my every thought.

Welcome, TABO!

Sunny Girl: I think it's entirely possible on both sides.

Joey: I think it is possible to be addicted to spanking. But, often we just do not have the opportunity to be spanked often. I can have alcohol any day, but I must wait weeks for a spanking.

Prefectdt: The endorphins are definitely a lot of fun but a lot of people get this high from roller coaster rides, bungee jumping and other thrill activities. So is it addictive? Possibly but if it is I do not believe that it is a harmful addiction. Except to my poor reddened rear end that is :)

Katie: Great question! I've actually wondered the same. I'm thinking that one can become addicted.

Roz: Great question! I think it is possible to become addicted to the endorphins. For me I think it's the overall dominance, including spanking.

Baxter: I think I am addicted to the thought of spanking, both giving and receiving. I seem to think about spanking a lot when at work and think about some of the chicks and what they might do if I was over their laps OR if they were over my lap. There are quite a few I would love to see their scrumptious ass bare over my knee and experiment with reddening them. I am addicted as I love to look for potential implements wherever I am whether in a cooking store, a hardware store, or a general merchandise store like Target. So yeah the whole idea of spanking is an addiction, but a fun one in which I am not a danger to anyone,as other addictions can be.

Blondie: Addictive seems like such a big word. But maybe I am. I need and enjoy being spanked. The spanking seems to keep me balanced, happy, feeling loved and keeps my husband happy since he loves to spank.

Leah: I've wondered the same as it seems to be the best source of stress relief.

Welcome, Leah!

Arched one: Not sure if it's an addiction or not. If it is, it's a nice addiction. For me it's something I need and crave from my wife, and she enjoys spanking me. I try and remember that every time I'm feeling the paddle, belt or other implement. Ouch.

Bob B: I certainly think that, for me, it is an addiction. I can live and breathe it; I could even do it as a job. I also do not think it is harmful but it is a lot of fun.

Nina: I guess it is possible. When I get a spanking I often experience that I can let go frustration and guilt. And if I don't get spanked I have sometimes problems with putting these thoughts aside and am a little restless. Therefore, maybe it could be addictive, the positive way.

Ronnie: I can't say 100% that spanking is or can be become an addiction but I think it's possible on both sides.

Bogey: Addicted? Sure, but the addiction is in the mind, not the result of being spanked. I could never see another person in my life and I would still think about spanking.

Minelle: I do believe it is possible and probable. I am certain that it consumes many a thought for some each day!

Terpsichore: I think it certainly could become an addiction on either side. While I do not experience nearly enough spankings to be addicted, my thoughts of spankings can certainly be.

River: I am addicted to the peace that it brings my marriage and the closeness it provides between my husband and I :-)

Underling: There are so many different elements to this stuff, and I think it's possible to be addicted to one or more (or all!) of them.

There's the physical sensation, the intimate contact, the power dynamic, the adrenaline and endorphins, the fantasies, erotica in stories and pictures...

I think as with a lot of addictions it's often about escape from the pressures of everyday life. Spanking and being spanked are so separate from those things that worry us - they represent a special retreat, and quite often one that nobody else knows about. While we're engaged in them we're 'in the moment' - it's almost impossible to be anxious about something else when someone is busy tanning your behind!

We also tend to become addicted to the people we share these very intense and personal experiences with. I know many play partners who seem to have little else in common but still can't get enough of each other just because of the intensity of the bond that develops between spanker and spankee.

I also know people who become listless or irritable or depressed if they go too long between spankings.

So I'm going with 'yes' - spanking addiction is pretty common. :)

Six of the best: Spanking a woman on her bare bottom, is part of my sexual pleasure. It turns me on. And I enjoy every moment of it. So does the lady who I give the spanking to.

Renee: I don't know if it's an addiction or an obsession...or just an orientation. :)

Jenny: I think that at times I get addicted to reading and writing about spanking. Other times I have little interest and tell myself, "I can give this up at anytime." I think that means it is an addiction for me! But I have few vices, and this isn't the worst addiction I could have.

I also think that the psychological phenomena behind developing and maintaining a strong desire for s spanking are potentially addictive. See my posts here and here.

Autumn: My husband thinks I'm addicted. I suppose in a way, I am, but I don't see it as an addiction. Giving up spanking for me would be like asking a vanilla person to give up sex--maybe they're not addicted, but their life would not be fun without it!

*Bonnie*: Hmmm great question. I do believe it can be addicting from both ends of the paddle. It certainly seems to be the best form of stress relief for both partners at least in my case.

Bonnie: Addiction is such an unpleasant word. It suggests a damaging loss of self and control over one's life.

We don't have that sort of problem. We spank because it enriches our lives and keeps us close. Unlike any addiction, we can embrace this lifestyle without pause or qualification.

Hermione: I look upon an addiction as creating a physical need. It's something that you can't give up without or do without. Sometimes I feel that I really crave a spanking and will go to great lengths to get one. It isn't something that I would want to be without, but stopping wouldn't cause me any physical harm. I think it comes down to a matter of degree. If spanking consumes your whole life, and is always on your mind, then yes, I think that would be an addiction.

Thank you to all who voiced their opinions, and happy St. Patrick's Day!

From Hermione's Heart


Terpsichore said...

I think I was looking at the definition of the word "addiction" lightly and not necessarily in its true form...I love what Bonnie has said about it...great words of wisdom as always. :-) Hugs! Thanks Hermione for another great brunch!

an English Rose said...

Hi, I agree with Terps original comment!
love Jan.x