Friday, March 21, 2014

Spanked to a Tee

Playboy playmate wannabee Liz Dickson won a contest that earned her the chance to attend a golf tournament and gain some publicity. She agreed to allow comedian Kevin Klein to place a golf tee in her butt and take a swing.

Obviously Kevin is not a very good golfer, or perhaps he was just distracted.

Liz iz now suing for half a million dollars in damages. For one swat? Get real!

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From Hermione's Heart


Aimless Rambling said...


Anonymous said...

The problem is obvious. It's very poor swing mechanics. He has a reverse weight shift. His weight ends up on his right foot instead of shifting to the left with a proper follow through. This caused the club head to hit behind the ball (oops--literally). The other thing is that the ball is not teed up high enough for that driver. A 5 wood could have worked better.

Dragon's Rose said...

That is just funny. Poor judgment maybe?

ronnie said...

Is she mad or what. Funny.


DelFonte said...

What, am I missing a trick? All I need to do is find a golfer to spank me and half a million is heading my way! I've been going about this spanking stuff all wrong!
Lol at Rollin's analysis.

Enzo said...

Poor dumb judgment. What was she thinking?

There are pictures elsewhere online:
of some serious bruising apparently caused by the hit.

Oh, there are so many sophomoric places to go with this story...

I will leave at with a complete aside; did anyone else notice when they pull down her skirt that it appears she forgot to put on her panties that morning? If that was the case, seems that the tee could have been positioned in a more secure spot.

Erica said...

Just looked at the link Enzo posted -- holy moly, that bruise. It didn't look like THAT hard a clout, but golf clubs are heavy. That had to hurt.

smuccatelli said...

I thought it was Kevin KLINE, the actor, not Kevin KLEIN, the "comedian". Not that it makes much difference. Whatever, it was at a Playboy "event" and she's likely an employee of Playboy so we've at least got a worker's comp lawsuit going here...

Cat said...

I do believe she's looking for publicity and way she was hurt that badly.


Roz said...

Good grief ... madness! Anything for a bit of publicity.


Hermione said...

Leigh - My first thought too!

Rollin - Yes, wood is always better:)

Rose - Poor judgment on both their parts.

Ronnie - Mad for the publicity.

DelFonte - You could be making plenty of easy money.

Enzo - I agree, the tee could have been better placed.

Erica - Yes, I saw the bruise picture and thought it was too extreme to post here.

Smuccatelli - According to the news sources, Kevin Klein was both a comedian and a radio-show host.

Cat - I agree with you.

Roz - Her 15 minutes of fame!


Baxter said...

this is in the category of what the **** are people thinking? If I was looking at that bottom, no way would I be able to concentrate on hitting that little ball. It is like when I see a woman at work showing her buttcrack, I cannot concentrate on anything. LOL

Hermione said...

Baxter - I suspect many men would be in the same boat!