Saturday, March 29, 2014

You Completed the Caption

Warm sunshine on bare skin inspires the best captions! Here are yours:

Simon: For some reason nobody noticed the wonderful 17th Century bridge in his holiday snaps.

DelFonte: Picking flowers was strictly forbidden, but she knew the consequences and had come prepared for being caught.

Rollin: "Howard! Will you look at that? It's shameful!"
"I agree dear. Someone needs to fix the corner of that blue raft before it sinks."

Anon: Spring is in the air and bulbs are in full flower.

Dragon's Rose: Petunia was in such a hurry to go on a walk, she forgot to finish getting dressed. Her husband was not pleased when she called asking for bail money again.

Six of the best: The 'bridge of sighs', for this naughty lady for soon she will have her knickers taken down by her boyfriend or husband, for a good spanking on her bare bottom.

River Wild: She stood there waiting patiently for her boss at the greenskeepers' to come back with the paddle and a camera. He had told her to plant roses in a shade of red along the walk, not magenta. So instead of firing her, he decided to spank her until her cheeks were the right color, take a picture, and have her try again!

Ronnie: Sarah knew Tom would be surprised when he walked past and spotted her picking flowers.

A. Lurker: London Bridge is falling down and so are my panties!

When my great grandmother did this in London, the bridge fell down. I wonder if I will have the same effect on this bridge?

Ricky: The flowers that bloom in the spring, tra-la
Give hope of merry sunshine--

Baxter: I just wonder why when I bend down to pick a flower my tender bottom gets a chill. Oh my.

It is International Buttcrack Exposed Day and I am the winner. Let them all enjoy the view.

Sarah: "Someone PLEASE smack my a$$! I'm begging for it!!"

Sir Wendel: 'Tis a very fine butt.

Abigail: An old lady passing by (who had left her glasses at home) said to her husband: "Why just look at that, dear - what a lovely big round smiley face that young woman has."

Mitch: Is that a canoe paddle, I see. Strange, I don't see a canoe.

Michael: The tulips are in bloom, and if this imp bends over just a bit more her two lips will be in full bloom.

ronjon: My, there is a cool breeze today and I can feel it on my ass. Would someone please take a belt and warm my cold bottom?
Oh, thank you so much!!

GaryNTboy: So... eating six raw eggs and then going for a jog is NOT a good hangover cure.... blaaaaaaaaa.

Vfrat25000: Karen what are doing?
I dropped my last container of birth control pills in this flower bed somewhere!
Oh crap! I’ll help you look for them!

Jim what are you staring at?
Uhhh, nothing dear...Just looking at the ornate bridge, I mean the relaxing river…I mean the marvelous architecture…I mean…Oh the hell with it…I give up…I’m staring at that gorgeous ass at the flower bed!

Ms. Jones, the student teacher for Central High School, always had sold out attendances for her history field trips. Her students developed an insatiable thirst for history.

Quiz Time: Is that a French, English or German bottom?
It’s a beautiful, nearly bare bottom for Pete’s sake. Now shut up and let me enjoy it.

It’s a Weapon of Mass Erections!

The City of Bargersville found a unique method of dealing with the nationwide recall of Viagra by installing “Male” charging stations throughout the downtown area.

Hermione: The assistant gardener would soon be very, very sorry that she had forgotten to put on her overalls. Getting a tan is just not worth the risk of poison ivy.

Bob B: At last, somewhere to park my bike.

Stay tuned for brunch - coming up next!
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Don't spank it too hard she might dive forward into the river.

Anonymous said...

Botties that show need big spanks indeed ,love and spanks Hermione .

Dr. Ken said...

"If I stand here long enough I just KNOW I'll get on the Internet..."