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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 23

This week's topic was spanking implements on display. Here's what you said:

Dragon's Rose: Nope. All the fun stuff stays hidden. We do have a few wooden spoons hanging in the kitchen but after they are used for fun stuff, they move to the garage.

Jan: Hi Hermione, no we don't, everything is in a suit bag, hidden in the depths of hubby's wardrobe!

Dan: Most of ours are hidden, with one exception: a bath brush that we keep in the master bathroom beside the bathtub.

Quiet Sara: All of our implements are "normal" things which lay about the house such as a belt which SM wears to work daily, a decorative small oar, a brush, a wooden spoon. They don't really stand out at all :)

Turn around bend over: My husband wears his implement around his waist. So yeah I suppose you could say it's always on display. If I get an attitude he puts his hand on the buckle as a warning. If I don't straighten up he will start to unbuckle it. He has never taken it off to straighten my attitude. I know better then to push him that far.
He uses the wooden spoon but it stays in the kitchen. Every morning he uses a plastic hanger for check in, and it gets hung back in the closet. We can't display our implements because we have teenage boys in the house who already suspect ttwd.

Tricia: Nope. All of our implements are hidden away in a drawer. It's funny but we have one drawer for our fun implements and one for the NOT SO FUN ones ;)

Loki: My implements are displayed on clothing hooks within my bedroom, with the occasional set hanging down in the living room. While we do take into account the sensibilities of visitors, primarily I and my wife feel that as this is our home we can display whatever we choose to.

Downunder Don: Most of the fun implements are safely hidden away. But hanging behind the bedroom door "on display" if anyone cared to look is a long strip of thick leather, a crop and a cane ready for instant use.

Six of the best: In my closet I keep a cane and birch rod. In a drawer I keep a paddle and hairbrush. For the delightful experience of spanking a woman's bare bottom, when I get the opportunity.

*Bonnie*: We have everyday implements that lay around our house unidentified. There's the tilt wand that lays on the dresser like a forgotten piece. The icing spatula that sits in the kitchen. The ping pong paddle that stays in the game room. There are hairbrushes through out the house. No matter which room we are in, there is always an implement near by. Of course then we have the more obvious weapons that stay hidden away.

Fred Bloggs: A big bath brush and a huge kitchen wooden spoon. Both in plain sight. I love pervertibles.

River: We have a thick wooden spatula/turner that lives in a silver bucket on our kitchen counter with all the other kitchen stuff, that is used only on me. Then there is whichever belt my husband is wearing, and a 20 inch by 1/3 inch wooden dowel that he liked to keep around wherever he is in the house. He likes to flip out around in his fingers, and sneaks in swats too. All our other items are in a dresser drawer :-) Except for his hand, of course!

Houston switch: Nothing out in the open...

Cutiebootie: I have a square-backed wooden hairbrush that sits on my dresser. It looks normal, except that there aren't any hairs between the bristles! Most of my spanking implements are hidden away, though. =)

Bob B: Mine are all in a small saxophone case that is easy to carry and discreet when i am out and about. Luckily no one has asked me for a tune yet :)

Sir Wendel: Once in a while the hairbrush might be left out in the open. Everything else is safely tucked away.

Dr. Ken: Absolutely nothing out in the open. It's all in a travel bag in the bedroom at the moment...

Pecan nutjob: When we did not have children yet, we used to leave toys lying around in the bedroom. We tended to be more careful with the other rooms, since one may have to welcome some unannounced visitor.

Now, with children, we have to be extra careful. Obvious "toys" (sexual and spanking) are stored discreetly.

Something saves us: we like "pervertibles", that is, household items that have an obvious use outside of spanking - slipper, hairbrush, cutting board, ping-pong paddle. Our only obvious spanking implement is the "martinet" (a kind of French flogger). Of course, there would be some explaining why we have a cutting board or a ping-pong paddle in a bedroom, but we can perhaps invoke messiness!

So some items that you may see in our room may seem innocuous to you, but in fact have some hidden meaning - like the nice, solid hairbrush lying on the bedside table (it's normally in our bathroom, therefore if it's on that table this means it's been recently used or is going to be used soon.. typically on my butt!).

We also have clothing items with special meaning... my wife has some kind of "old fashioned" skirt and blouse that she may wear when she knows she's in for an evening spanking.

There is, in any case, a limit to how much hiding one can do without things becoming uncomfortable. For instance, we have some lubricant in a bedside drawer, which our children could stumble upon - but after all this is sold in supermarkets!

S: No need to leave spanking implements about the house, when there are so many everyday innocent items which are there to be used, as my bottom has found to its cost! Wooden brushes - hair, clothes and bath - can give a sound spanking; long plastic rulers, quite stingy; ping pong bats, a good warmer up; leather soled slippers, noisy; rubber soled tennis shoes, sting like hell!; D's leather belt, can give a good strapping, but his unsupported trousers did fall down half way through once; and of course the wooden spoons in the kitchen - a big spoon can cup a pert cheek with great effect. The list is endless.

Bogey: We have some decorative spoons that are not much use as spoons but sting on the bare hanging in the kitchen. Like Quiet Sara we have a small oar/paddle hanging mounted on a cabinet in the RV. That sucker is potent. But nothing else on display.

BTW, if you have teens in your house, they have already seen your toys and everything else you own.

Jenny: I have a wooden bathbrush lying in my bathroom cabinet, next to the towels, still with the tags on it. I often wonder if anyone suspects its "alternate" uses. I mean, does anyone actually use those things to take a bath? I know i don't! ;)

I use my wooden hairbrush to brush my hair everyday, so it is out in plain sight. I don't think it raises any suspicions.

We have three implements in a bedroom drawer. No one would see those.

He wears a belt that I gave him for a non-pants purpose. It could be used for a whipping one day. I'm still hoping!

I can't imagine being as open as Loki_Darksong, leaving a set of obvious spanking implements in the living room. Of course we can do whatever we want in our house, too, but what would his children or our friends think? That's just TMI for our visitors. TTWD is as private as sex, so to me it belongs in the privacy of our bedroom.

Fondles: Oh no. everything is nicely tucked away in the wardrobe, night stand, or dresser drawer. NOTHING is exposed.

Baxter: We don't have kids and no relatives within 1200 miles of here so we leave the belt and spoon and paddle where it was last used. As someone else said, there are plenty of innocent looking items around the house and in our respective workshops that can be used in a pinch should a spanking be needed. In my train room, there are a bunch of dowels that could be used as canes. In my wife's workshop, there are brushes she uses on sheep fleece that do have smooth wooden sides that she can use on me if my bottom gets naughty.

Enzo: We have no specific implements. Everyday items such as my belt and the occasional spoon or hairbrush are always innocently enough out on display with no one the wiser.

Although I do keep a wooden ruler on my desk at my work office and have for years.

Nena: Our obvious stuff is hidden our bedroom.

We have wooden spoons in the kitchen and hairbrushes in the bathroom and the living room that are often used on me.

Last week my daughter (9) found a wooden spoon in the bedroom, she thought it was strange, but she totally bought my 'I had it in my hand when I walked to the bedroom and forgot it there' excuse.

Welcome Nena!

Terpsichore: My husband usually uses his hand. Then there is his belt and my hairbrush, which both blend into the surroundings. The flogger and leather paddle remain hidden from view and from curious little people.

Ronnie: All ours apart from the bath brush and a couple of wooden spoon are all hidden.
Hermione: We have several decorative wooden utensils on display in the kitchen -a heart-shaped spoon, a wooden pizza cutter and a narrow wooden cutting boars - that wouldn't raise any eyebrows. The bamboo back scratcher is a bit incongruous, but no one has ever commented on it. The more obvious implements are kept in a room upstairs, and are hidden in a drawer if we are expecting visitors. If someone arrives unannounced, the door can always be shut.

The next time I visit someone, I'm going to be on the lookout for pervertables in plain view. Have a good week and we'll see you again in seven days for another discussion.

From Hermione's Heart

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