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From the Top Shelf - Silver

This is a short spanking story by Rex Saviour, published by Silver Moon Books. Hitch-hiking is never a safe thing to do, but this girl got exactly what she was looking for.


I was mildly excited when I saw the girl in my headlights, thumbing a lift.

When I saw her rather more clearly through the driving rain, her soaking little skirt clinging to very curvy thighs and her sweater outlining splendidly firm breasts that obviously felt better without a bra, my excitement rose several notches.

I brought the Jag to a screaming halt beside her and lowered the electric window.

"Please Mister -"

"Go and stand in the headlights," I ordered, "Hands above your head! I want to see if you have any weapons!"

"Oh, but -"

"Do it now or I drive on!"

She did as I said. What a great little figure! She was barefoot, with a mini skirt, a jersey, lots of long hair and nothing else. I got out and walked behind her, ran my hands up and down her body, not neglecting the breasts that were outlined by her jersey as she stood with hands raised. She shrank away a little bit but did not protest.

Definitely clean - not even a handbag.

I got back into my seat and beckoned her back to the window.

"What the hell are you doing out here in the middle of the night?" I asked sternly, "You don't look a day over fourteen!"

"I'm eighteen," she said indignantly, shaking raindrops from her long red hair. "Today, actually!"

"Even so," I said, "I do not approve of young girls out alone at night miles from anywhere." I began to close the window, which, as I expected, put her in a panic.

"You aren't going to leave me here? Oh no, Mister, please!"

"I only give lifts to nice girls," I said. "Obedient ones! What you need is a good spanking, not a lift!"

"Oh but Mister - "


"I am obedient. I like to be obedient, honest I do." The glance she gave me was full of meaning. "I promise to be good if you let me in. I'll do everything you tell me to do. Don't leave me out here, all alone. I'm frightened of the dark. And he took all my money -"

"Who did?"

"My boyfriend. I thought he was nice. Then he met another girl at the dance tonight and they just threw me out of the car. I didn't even have my shoes on! And she took my handbag, it had all my money in it." She burst into tears. "And he took all my rings and bracelets. People call me Silver because of all my bracelets, they were my money box."

I opened the door.

"You'd better get in, Silver. I'm getting cold with the window down."

"Not as cold as me, Mister," she snuffled. Now that she was close to me I found her very sexy, sort of slimly plump if you follow me. Juicy. Ripe.

"Don't be cheeky!" I said, "not when you're with me. Doesn't your father ever punish you for being cheeky?"

She shivered. "He used to beat me with his belt when I was naughty, but that was alright because I deserved it when I was a kid."

"Surely you don't think reaching eighteen changes that?"

"I suppose not." She burst into tears again. "my Mum died, you see, and Dad ran off, so there's nobody to look after me now."

"Or to spank you."

"Well, about that..." She paused and considered the matter gravely. "A spanking or two isn't such a big deal, it would be worth it to be looked after real well."

"Would it?"

She looked at me. I couldn't see what colour her eyes were but they were big. "Yes Mister," she said wistfully, "oh yes it would, I don't mind truly. As a matter of fact...well anyway, you plan to beat me, then, if I'm naughty, like I often am? On the bare bum? Hard, with a strap like my Dad did?"

When I didn't answer - being totally speechless, as I'm sure you can appreciate - she leaned over and kissed me, pressing hard against me, a really erotic experience for a crusty old bachelor like me.

"I miss my Dad," she whispered.

"Where do you live?" I asked when I had got my breath back and my erection was a little more comfortably positioned. I also had the car purring gently forward by now.

"I got out of the orphanage this morning. I was going to live with the boy who dumped me. So nowhere, I suppose."

"You'd better come home with me then, just for tonight," I said.

"I guess so."

"And then we'll see."

"OK." She started playing with the stereo, apparently quite at home. "Got any good tapes?"

"Yes, some opera."

"Opera? Holy shit!" She leaned forward and turned on the radio, twiddling until she found some reggae, which I detest, and turned it up full blast.

I pulled in to the grassy verge and turned the music off, and she looked at me, her eyes frightened now, no longer mocking, tears not too far away.

"I do not tolerate behaviour like that!" I said. "Now over my lap for a spanking or out you go! It's up to you!"

"I-I didn't think we were quite that serious," she said.

"Well I am. Out. Start walking."

"There isn't even room for you to spank me."

"There will be when I come over there and open the door!"

"I see." She seemed to be thinking it over. "So it's a spanking or abandoned in the dark, eh? I just hate the dark! So it's a spanking for you, Silver, my girl! It's grit your teeth and bear it time. Mister, are you still going to take me home with you after you've spanked me?"

"Perhaps. We'll call this a test to see if you are serious about being obedient."

"OK then."

I moved over into her seat, away from the steering wheel, and she came over my lap, surprisingly heavy, just fitting when I opened the door, so that her head was out in the rain and her feet in the driver's seat.

"You really ought to tie me down if you're going to spank me," she said, " because I can't always control myself."

"Maybe the next time," I said. I was all of a quiver, no breath to talk with, a strange sensation. She was heavy on my penis, wriggling against it a little, and I shifted to get comfortable.

Don't rush this, I said to myself. Fate has dealt you a good 'un. Make the most of it. Test her out properly and maybe...maybe she might come to live with you and then...

One hand confirmed that she had no bra and the other was poised to lift that pathetic little rag of a skirt, and yet I couldn't quite bring myself to do it.

"Knickers," I said.

She twisted her head around.

"You'd better take your knickers off."

"I don't have any on, Dumbo."

"Don't you be cheeky - I've told you before!" She was testing me out, seeing how far she could go. Well she'd soon find out!

"What's your name then, Dumbo?" she asked.


"Very well, Sir Stephen, let's get on with it."

"What's all this 'Sir Stephen' stuff?"

"He's in my favourite book, The Story of O. Don't you know it, Sir?"

I didn't.

"Well then, " she said. "I think this is going to be fun. I shall call you Sir Stephen and think of myself as 'O'. Carry on, Sir Stephen, do your worst!"

She was trying hard to sound as if she didn't care what I did to her, but there was a very satisfying tremble in her seductive little voice, and she was squirming against my erect prick all the time.


But I couldn't hold out much longer, and then the thrill would be gone.

"Pull your skirt up."

"Well I -"


"Yes Sir, I am your obedient servant. I do like your beard, it makes you look ever so fierce."

Two timid little hands came round and pulled the skirt slowly back, revealing the plumpest little bottom it has ever been my pleasure to see, an arse to shame all arses!

"Hold your skirt there!"

"How many are you going to give me?"

"We'll see, won't we. As many as I think necessary."

"OK," she said, but her voice was definitely trembling now...

"Is this all the clothes you have?" I asked. "This bit of a skirt and jersey? No knickers, no bra?"

"That's all I was wearing, that's what my pig of a boyfriend liked. Will you buy me some clothes, Sir?"

"Perhaps. Shoes anyway. When we get home you can take these wet things off. They're filthy anyway. I think I'll burn them."

"But what will I wear?"

"I think I can spare you a shirt."

"Oh, but -"

"You aren't nearly as tall as I am, so it will cover everything. You will be quite decent for a while. And the house is very warm."

"Yes, but -"

"I will not be argued with!" I confess to licking my lips. "So you can take the skirt and jersey off now instead!"

"Oh, but -"

"NOW! Or get out and walk!"

She looked out in to the dark, wet night and then I slid back into my seat whilst she struggled out of her wet things without another word.

"Throw them out, then close the door!"

To my astonishment, she did as she was told without further protest, then actually put her arms round me and kissed my lips.

I had left the engine running to keep us warm and, having suspended the spanking, I now drove on in silence. I glanced at her in the dim starlight and got the impression of firm, high breasts, neither too big nor too small.

"Now you'll have to look after me!" she said contentedly.

"Is that what the kiss was for?"

"Yes, you're my guardian now, my benefactor. I'll be your slave-girl because you definitely can't abandon me in this state. And at least if I'm your slave girl I don't get to be spanked. I think you meant to hurt me!"

"I did," I said as I stopped the car once more. "In fact, I do!"

"Holy shit!"

"Shut up and get over my lap like before."

It was even more delicious this time, especially as my one hand held a breast, quite different holding her naked body...

I raised my hand and then brought it down with a satisfying slap.

"Ow," she muttered, "that hurt!" A hand came back feeling for the place to rub better.

"Keep your hands out of the way, " I said, "or I'll add more!"

"But I don't know how many I'm going to get!"

"I still advise you to keep your hands out of the way."

I didn't know how many she would be getting either...

After three hard slaps she began to cry softly and then to sob openly which I found very stimulating.

After six she was writhing about like mad and howling without restraint.

"Holy shit!" she screamed. "I didn't bargain for this! I thought you were a soft touch!"

She tried to wriggle away but I was just too strong for her. Smack! Smack! Smack! I began to lay into her bottom really hard and fast, then she was screaming and squirming, struggling like mad, her beautiful bare bottom quivering and writhing across my lap...

She wriggled round and came and nestled in my arms, snuggling up to me, still crying softly.

At last she spoke, her eyes wide and pleading.

"You really are going to look after me, aren't you? I was ever so good, wasn't I?"

"Yes, provided I can train you to my ways, make you into a good obedient companion."

"Of course Sir," she said softly, "whatever turns you on. I'm just your helpless victim aren't I. I'll have to be your...totally obedient little slave-girl - but don't beat me so hard next time. My God that really hurt!"

"We'll see," I said and she smiled in contentment.

She would squirm under my slipper, I thought, and as for my belt...

She would have to plead very nicely if I was to go easy with her on that!

I'd soon find out just how submissive she could be!

From Hermione's Heart


abby said...

I bet she will be interesting...wanting to please...not wanting to please...
hugs abby

Blondie said...

I always wonder if things like this really happen.

ronnie said...


I think they got both what they were looking for. Thanks, enjoyed the read.


Hermione said...

Abby - Life with Silver will certainly be interesting.

Blondie - I think he's bitten off more than he can chew.

Ronnie - An unusual story, but fun!


Roz said...

Fun story Hermione, I agree with Ronnie. Seems they both got what they wanted. Thanks for sharing.


Hermione said...

Roz - I'm glad you liked it.