Saturday, March 15, 2014

You Completed the Caption

Poor girl seems to be having trouble, and here's why:

Leigh Smith: Do you see the bruise you left?

Rollin: "Hmm," Jack mused silently to himself. "I was 100% right. Those legs DO go all the way up to her ass."

Ronnie: No, I'm not wearing any knickers, I'll show you.

Anon: Your wife was here while you were out to lunch, and she turned me over her knee and spanked me. She said she was tired of me lying about you being in a meeting every time she calls, and she told me next time my panties are coming down. I want a raise.

Autumn: I used that Arnica Hermione recommended, but it doesn't seem to have helped much. What do you think, Bob?

Katie: Now I told you to leave the panties off or they would scratch that well spanked bottom of yours! Here, I can be a nice guy. Put a little cold compress on it for a while.

Ricky: Do the marks show?

Sara: Oops I did get a bruise after all. Look how purple it is!

Baxter: I told you that belt you used kept wrapping around and hitting me right there. But I am not complaining. You can strap me again anytime as it felt real good.

Six of the best: "I am pleased that you are wearing suspender-belt and stockings my dear. For after I have pulled down your knickers. It's six of the best for you, on your voluptuous bare bottom," said her husband, with a delight, to his ever loving wife.

Mr and Mrs B: One day these strap things will disappear and girls will be wearing all in one nylon things!
Who said that blondes don't have brains?

A. Lurker: Oh no! You left a big bruise and I am supposed to go swimming with my friends today after work. What am I to do?
You'll think of something. You always do.

Anon2: Ooh, they all landed on my left cheek. I'll have to sit lopsided for ages unless you even me up!

Hermione: Rght there, see? That's where the four buttons on your jacket got caught in my garter.

Thank you all for providing your usual amazing captions!
From Hermione's Heart

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Katie said...

These were fun to read Hermione! Thanks.:) Many hugs,

<3 Katie