Friday, March 7, 2014

My New Toy

Wednesday was also my birthday, and Ron gave me a very special present. No, I don't mean a spanking, although that was nice too.

Once upon a time I had a BlackBerry mobile device, and I loved it. It was the property of the company I worked for, and was supposed to be for official business only, but I also managed to enjoy the games on it. I used it for personal email, browsing blogs, phone calls, and all sorts of other non-work related activities. I always wore it in a holster clipped to my belt, and got used to the vibrations it made whenever a new email came in.

Then I left the company and had to turn in the BlackBerry. I was eager to have another, but Ron didn't think I needed one, and said it was an unnecessary expense. Sigh. I went through a period of withdrawal, constantly reaching for the non-existent device whenever I felt a phantom vibration at my waist. But I learned to cope without it, although I still gazed longingly at the mobile phone displays whenever I went to the mall.

Then last week, for no apparent reason, Ron told me that he thought we should have a mobile phone for emergencies. It would be good to know, he said, that I had a way of contacting him when I was out somewhere and needed help. What a surprise! I wasn't expecting that, but I told him it was the nicest birthday present I could have wished for. I was to choose exactly what I wanted, and could do whatever I wanted with it. The only stipulation was that I needed to show Ron how to use the phone feature so that he could carry it if he went out somewhere and I was at home.

So after doing some research on the Internet, I headed to the cell phone store and came home with this:

It's a BlackBerry, but not like the other one I had. This one combines the physical keypad (which I love and wouldn't be without) with the touch and swipe features that all the other cell phones have. I have the best of both worlds! Because it's mine and not owned by my employer, I can download games and other fun and useful apps. I have free unlimited texting too! Texting was forbidden on the company BlackBerry.

Now I can check my email any time, anywhere, and take pictures too. Once I figured out how to use the phone, I put our important numbers on speed dial and showed Ron how it worked.

I love my new toy! Isn't Ron the best? Better late than never, I always say.
From Hermione's Heart


abby said...

Happy...late...Birthday. Yes He is the best. I got a new phone for my birthday too....and could not figure out how to answer the first call. LOL
hugs abby

morningstar said...

i missed Wednesday's post - happy belated birthday and happy belated blog anniversary :) Enjoy playing with your new phone.

I must admit I have a "smart" phone for emergencies and if I get into trouble at all these days it's because i don't have it with me - or it isn't charged - or simply is not on :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome gift Hermione. I hope you enjoy using your new phone.

But, beware, overuse could earn you a spanking. :-)


ronnie said...


Great present from Ron. I think he was right to have one for emergencies.

Hope you had a lovely birthday.


SirQsmlb said...

Happy Birthday!!!! And happy Blackberrying. ;-)


Aimless Rambling said...

Happy Belated Birthday. I'm waiting til I get near my grandson so he can explain all the workings of the new phone.

Ron is such a gem.

Dragon's Rose said...

We don't have a home phone. Just cell phones. With teenagers, I wouldn't know how to survive without it. Right now, we have 4 phones but I think we are going to add a 5th soon.

River Wild said...

Congrats on your new toy! Our cell is like a mini tablet, we hardly ever even use it to call people, but it's a lot of fun. Ah, the joys of the tech era :-)

Baxter said...

My wife and I text during the day about whatever is on our mind. Once in a while, I text her that I need a spanking and the texts get hot from there. I also use my phone to access the consensualspanking blog which also allows me to connect to your blog during work hours. The phone is mine but the company pays for half the bill as I am on 24/7 call. I enjoy some spanking interlude pictures to break up the day. Phones do more than handle calls. enjoy.

an English Rose said...

Happy Belated Birthday Hermione, what a lovely present. Hope you enjoy it
love Jan.xx

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!! Also I know what you mean about excitement over a phone. I was late to the texting party and when we finally went last year and got android phones it was so exciting. I loved being able to text and I wanted games on my phone right away. Enjoy your new gift! :)

Hermione said...

Abby - Neither could I. Ron called me several times from our land line until I figured out I had to drag a button, not click.

Morningstar - Mine is always on charge overnight. I'm getting addicted again:)

Joey - Ah, you might have something there.

Ronnie - I'm glad he finally agreed with me on that.

Fiona - thank you.

Sunny - They're pretty complicated, but we have an iPad so I've already gone through the learning curve.

Rose - We have four receivers for our land line.

River - I probably won't use mine for phone calls much either. So much else to do on it!

Baxter - Ooh, that sounds like fun! I was never sure, when I used my company BlackBerry for blogs, whether the actual sites were printed on the paper bill. So I tried to be careful.

Jan - Thanks. I know I will.

Sara - When Ron gets a phone, I will b e able to text him. Maybe I should investigate texting on the iPad. He might be able to use that instead.


Autumn said...

Happy birthday and welcome to the world of addictive technology! A phone can be a good/educational thing as well...I use mine to read the news ALL the time, and I never used to read the news!

A. Lurker said...

Hi Hermione,
Just dropped in to wish you a belated happy birthday and happy blogaversary, too.

I recently upgraded to a smart phone and I am blown away by everything they can do. One major feature for me is the free Canada wide long distance. It's cheaper than our land-line. The kids don't even have land lines anymore - only smart phones

Take care,

Katie said...

Sounds like Ron is a wonderful fella, Hermione! Happy Birthday to you! Have a great time playing with your new phone. Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Cat said...

Happy belated birthday Hermione. Congratulations on your awesome gift...definitely have a lovely husband. ;)

Oh...just make sure that it is kept charged! LOL

Hugs and Blessings...

Erica said...

Happy belated birthday, Hermione! Have fun with your new toy. My phone has a physical keypad too -- I dread the day when those are completely phased out.

Terpsichore said...

Nice! And happy belated birthday! Hugs! Hope all your wishes come true...

Hermione said...

Autumn - I'll have to try that too.

A. Lurker - We have free long distance on our land line 24/7 and on the cell evenings and weekends. Not that I will use it much.

Katie - He is very special.

Cat - I plug it in every evening.

Erica - The BlackBerry is the only model they offered with the keyboard. I can't imagine losing that feature.

Terps - Thank you.


Roz said...

Hi Hermione, sorry I am so late to this. I am so far behind in blogland and trying to catch up and wanted to wish you a belated Happy Birthday! I love your new toy. Lucky you! :)


Anonymous said...

Happy happy belated :(